Monday, April 28, 2008

Last Episode Soon To Come...

I know some people have been waiting for our last episode to come, and it is coming. I am very excited about our last episode. We had our director of the show co-host the last episode with me and he did an amazing job. He made me feel like I was the Chelsea Handler, host of "Chelsea Lately." The show is a must-see!

I am sad to see the show come to an end, but I hope to be working on other shows or in the entertainment business. Things are up in the air at the moment but for now I plan to keep this blog alive with entertainment news and gossip. The show may end but I can't walk away from informing the public and giving my opinion to my fans.

Here's a quick re-cap on this week's news:

  • Amy Winehouse has been arrested for headbutting two men. No surprise, since her hair looks like it could do some serious damage to anyone standing nearby. If they don't get hit by it then they might get lice from being close it.
  • Miley Cyrus has gotten even more scandalous with photos of her topless on the cover of Vanity Fair. Disney fans are upset and so is the Hannah Montana star. There has been a dispute as to whether the magazine photographer set her up or if it was a mistake done by Cyrus. The magazinedefends it's position. To be honest, I'm not surprised by all this because Miley is around the age where girls want to look and feel sexy. This is also the age where they start having sex, so where's the sex video?

Those are two top stories I really wanted to share but I'll update more later. For now, I'm going to get some sun while I'm in California. I leave the sunny state tomorrow but have enjoyed every minute here. I'll provide more details as to how my trip has been and the reasons why.

Until then, keep watching The Red Carpet and keep living sunny.

~Carolyn Benton

Sunday, April 6, 2008

This Week's Episode - Hook-Ups & Break-Ups

Usually the episode is posted by Thursday or at the latest Friday. As usual, we tend to run into technical problems. I have the episode online but the episode is not entirely together. Part 1 and 3 are featured on youtube, while Part 2 is on Google video due to the length of the clip.

I have embeded all three parts. I hope you enjoy!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Episode Featuring Samy K from The Kane Show

Sorry for the delay in posting the new episode.


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